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Scientists in Singapore have developed a simple and brightly colored method to see if someone has tampered with your drink with GHB, commonly known along with Rohypnol as a date rape drug.

Researchers at the National University of Singapore have created a liquid that, when mixed with a beverage containing GHB, changes into a fluorescent color in less than 30 seconds.

Like Rohypnol, the drug is colorless, ordorless and tasteless and thus easy to hide in alcoholic drinks. Though people can test for GHB on paper (some campuses are even testing special coasters that can tell if a sample of a drink has GHB when poured on the coaster), the researchers believe this new method will be faster, simpler and more obvious (thanks to the bright orange color your drink turns if tainted).


This is fucking important. Like this is majorly important

They also have a thing like this that you paint on your nails like a clear coat. You can dip your finger in the drink and it will turn a color if it detects the “date rape drug”





*nearby lesbian laughter*

*muffled asexual snickering*

*conflicted pansexual noises*

*moderately panicked bisexual muttering*


I aspire to be as chill as Finn and Jake.


That’s love 💕 on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/108386117

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